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Club Ethos

Sligo Mountaineering Club is dedicated to walking in high mountain areas, in conditions that can sometimes be extreme. Therefore the club encourages its members to dress appropriately and to acquire navigational and survival skills to help them enjoy this activity in safety. All members should be responsible for themselves and fellow walkers and ensure their own safety and the safety of others.

To ensure that the club ethos is adhered to and that our excellent safety record remains intact the Safety Committee require that you familiarise yourself with the following rules.

Required Kit List

  • Strong Waterproof Walking Boots.......No Trainers
  • Suitable Warm Clothing…….No Denims
  • Hat & Gloves
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Waterproof Over Trousers
  • Spare Change of Dry Clothing (Fleece, Leggings, Socks)
  • Hot/Cold Drink
  • Adequate Food for the Duration of the Hike
  • Emergency Rations i.e. Sweets, Chocolate
  • Map & Compass
  • Whistle Attached to the Outside of your Pack
  • Torch & Spare Batteries
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Survival Bag
  • Suitable Rucksack to Carry all of the Above

The above items are for your own safety and comfort. As you know Irish weather is very changeable. Most of us have had the experience of starting a walk in fine weather only to be greeted by winter conditions on the summit. For this reason we request that cold weather clothing be kept in your pack for the whole of the calendar year. Any member not complying with the rules set out above will not be permitted to take part in club events.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


  • New members can join on the 1st Sunday of each month from September to June.
  • The 1st Sunday of these months are a Club Sunday. This will be a ‘C’ Grade Walk and are designed to introduce new members to Hillwalking and Mountain Craft
  • After completing a Club Sunday, a new member can join on his/her next walk where they must pay their club fees which includes MI Membership and the Insurance Fee. They must also carry The Required Kit List laid out by the Safety Committee
  • MCI Insurance runs from November 1st to October 31st
  • It is advised that new members take part in ‘C’ and ‘B’ Grade walks until they are fit and competent enough for the tougher ‘A’ Grade walks
  • New members MUST attend the Navigation Classes which are run in March
  • All members must abide by the rules and ethos of the SMC
  • All children (Under 18s) must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian at all times. There is a reduced rate for under 18s. The Parent/Guardian must be a fully paid up member
  • Only fully paid up members can participate in club events. Any members not compiling with the Safety Committee Rules will not be permitted to take part in club events
  • Each month starts with a Grade ‘C’ walk and the other Sundays are graded ‘A’ or ‘B’ and require a good level of fitness and willingness to venture out in inclement weather conditions
  • No alcohol or other illegal substances are permitted on club walks
  • In the interest of safety and the preservation of the goodwill of the landowners Dogs are not permitted on club walks or events
  • Fees paid for club events and outings are not refundable
  • If you are getting a lift to/from a club walk don’t forget to share the petrol expenses with the driver
  • You are not allowed to bring friends/guests along on club walks. The only exception to this rule is if the person in question is already a paid up MI member

The club meets every Sunday throughout the year at Heat Merchants/Tubs & Tiles, Ballytivnan, unless otherwise indicated on the club calendar. Times will vary so please check your calendar for more details.